About Candee’s Weblog


Exploring Community, Interdependence, and Social Justice Through Art and Words

Welcome to my blog. When I think about why I started this blog, one of my favorite quotes comes to mind: “When people act they make it possible for others who share their social identity to find each other.” I love this quote so much that I painted the words into “A Conversation with Katie”.

While I’m exactly sure what my social identity is (or that I even care) – I am absolutely certain that finding each other is why I’m here.

Peace & Love,

Candee Basford

3 responses to “About Candee’s Weblog

  1. Hi Candee,
    It’s great to see how active you are.
    best wishes as you continue,

  2. Ashley Singleton

    Hey I was unaware that you had your own blog. I loved the art work that is posted. Is is all your? There was one in there that I saw at SSCC that I wanted to buy but sadly I am a poor college student, with very little income. I wish that there were comment boxes under the art work so that you could get some feed back, there were a few pieces that I really loved, that I would have liked to comment on.

  3. Hey Ashley! Glad you found my blog. I think you can comment on most of the entries. Same way you comment on the the art history site. Give it a try. As always – I’d love to read your thoughts.

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