Visual Expressions of Meaning

Last post, I shared a bit about the important difference between explanation and expression and some of my experiences with these differences. I also promised to share what happened when I invited students in my college classes to visually communicate the meaning of their learning experiences.   Here are a few amazing expressions of knowledge and insight.

Pam’s visual expression….. in her own words (condensed)

It’s name is the USS Contemplation.  Each mast contains a genre and the sails equate the outline of what I have learned during this quarter. 

The mirrors placed throughout the ship represent  ”reflections” of what we have learned.  A couple of the mirrors are placed so that individuals can see themselves.  This is to show that we have not only learned about giving speeches but have also learned things about ourselves.  I find myself  thinking and contemplating  that if the attitude of support, encouragement and kindness were displayed by the majority of people in our communities, in spite of our differences, just how much could be accomplished.  People finding common ground and working together, building each other up, helping each other, growing together for the good and betterment of everyone’s future.

Want to see more?>>>>> keep going….


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6 responses to “Visual Expressions of Meaning

  1. Yes

    Hi Candee! I’ve been MIA taking care of my not-so-little family…but I’ve thought often of many of the conversations and ideas I found while reading your blog. I was sent a link to a post that I thought you’d relate to and find interesting (I just wanted to stop by and say hi & pass this along to you):

  2. Wonderful to hear from you Lisa. I love the incredible insight you’ve shared on your blog about how the “single story” has shaped (and continues to shape) so many lives. thank you!

  3. Wow! Amazing! That ship is incredibly speaking to me.

  4. I remember Pam showing me this ship, and explaining it to me, and the fact that we shared one of the most amazing conversations I’ve had (many of them are with her, actually) about reflection and contemplation and life in general. I adore this woman, so much, and I’m very sad that I haven’t seen her in so long. It’s hard for me to believe that I’ve known her for probably half of my life, mostly because it’s hard to believe that I’m not in Jr. High when I’m around her.

    This post made my morning, and now I am going to go contemplate…and absorb.

  5. Hi Heather and Starrlife! Yes, Pam’s ship speaks volumes. And, Heather hits upon something else important for me to think about – the meaning that can flow forth like a burst dam when someone asks the magical phrase- “Tell me more.” The ship or collage or box of crayons or podium with roots or people dancing around a flame become the opening for more……given a chance.

  6. “Tell me more,” is one of my favorite things to say. One of my other favorites is “OOH, ooh, and another thing is…” Ha ha ha ha

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