Earth and Fire Pottery

Horsehair Raku Vase by Eric Preston

I love artists who allow themselves to dive, dream, play,  listen, create, move to the edges – with joy and dogged determination. I love artists who keep doing what they love in spite of a million obstacles. Eric Preston is one such artists. Eric listens to clay, allowing it to speak it’s shape. He senses the future the clay is trying to express. He assists, midwifes, enables clay to be reborn in the shapes, lines, and colors it was meant to have.


See more of Eric’s assisted births here


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4 responses to “Earth and Fire Pottery

  1. Love this piece and this post from a true artist in soul and spirit!

  2. Such Kind Words from such Amazing Person. Thank You:)

  3. Yay! I agree with everything said about Eric and his amazing pottery, and also what Eric and Heather said about you. Oh wow, I have been slacking in keeping up with the blogosphere. Is that a word? It is now!

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