Embrace Our Vulnerabilties and Imperfections

Love this article by Brene Brown. She suggests we need new ways of thinking about vulnerability and imperfections.  I agree.

The Cruelty Crisis: Bullying Isn’t a School Problem, It’s a National Pastime


“If we want to reclaim courage and compassion in our families, schools, organizations, and communities, we must open our hearts and minds to a new way of thinking about vulnerability and imperfection. Our imperfections are not flaws; they are what connect us to each other and to our humanity. Vulnerability may be at the core of fear and uncertainty, but it is also the birthplace of courage and compassion – exactly what we need to help us stop lashing out and start engaging with the world from a place of worthiness; a place where empathy and kindness matter.” Brené Brown


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7 responses to “Embrace Our Vulnerabilties and Imperfections

  1. Jack Pealer

    Candee. Your header on this post reminded me of John O’Brien’s now 23-year old essay on recognizing the value of error, ignorance, and fallibility. You can find it at http://thechp.syr.edu/rsapub.htm


  2. Thanks Jack for noting O’brien’s essay. Others at the same site are also thought provoking. John and Connie have contributed so much to many people’s thinking and thus helped rethink assumptions – mine included.

  3. Barb

    In the video “Including Samuel,” a mother says that her vision for her son Nathaniel is that he SHINE – sharing his gifts which she feels are both his strengths and weaknesses. She wishes we all had that opportunity. I loved that when I heard it.

  4. “the birthplace of courage and compassion”. This is a funny memory but I always remember that in college, the days when I had had a skin break out and felt incredibly vulnerable and flaws exposed is when I had the most incredible experiences with other humans.
    I just discovered brene brown from another direction altogether- serendipity.
    I can not watch others being denigrated- never really liked it- even politically when people seem to deserve it ( think Keith Obermann’s show). Thanks Candace.

  5. I mean Candee- I don’t know why but I always extend folks to the long version as an endearment (but I don’t really know that that is your extended name so I apologize!). xo

  6. Amazing insight about your own experiences. Would love to hear more.

    I love the name Candace and happy to be endeared!!!

    I wonder – is blogging a chance to embrace our vulnerabilities?

  7. Blogging is very much a chance to embrace vulnerabilities. 🙂

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