Creative Arts and Recovery

Just completed a week long creative arts residency with teen girls in recovery. Here’s a sampling of their work.


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5 responses to “Creative Arts and Recovery

  1. I meant to come by and remark on how beautiful these are! I am so impressed with the vibrancy and power as well as with their recovery process!

  2. Nice to hear your thoughts. I am impressed with their work and I’m again reminded of the power of art to inform, inspire and express!

  3. Wow. This is something that resonates with me. All those words! All those feelings! All those hopes, fears, lives! I see beauty in all of those… it is amazing how art helps to bring beauty from pain.

  4. Beautiful, incredible work!

  5. thank you! I love your work, too. I visited with you on your site this morning!

    I learned that, besides writing and art making, you also teach. I would love to learn more about your teaching approach…beliefs….etc….


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